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YesGraph – Boost viral growth by recommending who users should invite

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2012
LinkedIn: yesgraph
Twitter: YesGraph
Facebook: yesgraph

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Ivan Kirigin

What it does:  

YesGraph boosts your company’s growth with high-performance invite and referral flow that leverage Social Graph Analysis and an optimal User Interface to acquire the best new users.

Why you need this:

It can help your company grow using technology traditionally only available to large social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. YesGraph simplifies the process of finding new employees by asking existing employees to refer people in their social networks.

The idea behind it.

These days, hiring can be a big problem. Conventional wisdom says that the best candidates typically get referrals from co-employees, but those referrals can be tough to come by. YesGraph has a solution for that. It helps you find top talent, by highlighting people that employees already know.

What Bob likes

Free to use for up to 1000 contacts/referrals.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob thinks that the system has a flaw. It disregards geography or doesn’t understand it. He tried a simple developer job in New York a few weeks ago. Of my 10000+ person network on LinkedIn, it gave him 1 person in San Francisco.  

Bob Mini Review

Bob thinks that YesGraph is a good idea. The UI is clean, it comes with web and mobile integrations, easy to share connections, and it allows you to make personalized invite recommendations. It’s easy to look for an employee using this platform. It works this way: Those companies looking to hire, send a link to employees they’re looking for referrals from. Then, they connect YesGraph with their accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn, and YesGraph does the work of finding connections who might be qualified. Some things are missing, though. What’s the flaw? It seems to disregard geography or doesn’t understand it well. When Bob tried a simple developer job in New York a few weeks ago. Of my 10000+ person network on LinkedIn, it only gave him a person in San Francisco. When I did a manual search outside YesGraph, Bob received more than 100 level one connections within 30 miles of the client location.

Should  you try it? Yes, for the heck of it. There’s a free plan that will allow you to search for up to 1000 users.

Includes FREE Trial?  Available. Up to 1000 referrals/users


Free Startup

$199.00 Business

$499.00 Growth

$999.00 Enterprise


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