XSellco Fusion

XSellco Fusion

1. Tell us a bit of the history Xsellco Fusion… how did you guys started?

XSellco was founded by Ray Nolan, a successful Irish entrepreneur. Back in 2012, Ray and some friends started to sell products online. We listed our products on several marketplaces and sales started to flow in. Sales were not long followed by questions such as where is my package and sadly also returns requests. Ray quickly realised that although there were several tools aimed at multi-channel sellers, most were expensive, cumbersome and did not do much beyond listings and stock reporting. Ray who had a history in building great online businesses, assembled a team of his favourite developers and XSellco was born.

2. Who is behind the team of XSellco Fusion and what is your team background?

XSellco is based in Dublin, Ireland and headed by Ray but like most great teams, we have an eclectic international group of people working with us. Our team’s geographical reach varies from our Head of Development Niall who grew up with great beaches in Sydney to Steve in marketing who grew up in the wilds of Newfoundland off the coast of Canada.

3. Okay so you had the idea to start Xsellco Fusion . tell us a bit about the challenges when you started to work with Shopify Apps?

We were lucky to have a great team of experienced developers from day 1, we were able to quickly launch a solid product and we listened to our customers and constantly strived to make our product better.

4. Why Shopify? and what makes Xsellco Fusion a perfect match for Shopify?

Our earlier customers were rapidly growing small to medium businesses and were trying to reach as many customers as possible across multiple channels. Although we started with a marketplace focus we soon realised that Shopify was the most popular shopping cart solution for these companies. We expanded our product to also work with Shopify offering customers a simple way of optimizing customer relationship across all their platforms allowing them to respond to customer queries faster and better while saving money. And as we all know, happier customer tend to spend more.

5. Fun question – If XSellco Fusion was an Avenger in the Shopify Apps super hero world… what will be Xsellco Fusion apps super power?

Iron Man – because, like Tony Stark, we build cutting edge technology that allows everyday people to reach new heights.

6. Tell us how a shopify business can benefit from using Xsellco Fusion ?

XSellco Fusion is the only integrated Help Desk tool tailored for eCommerce. XSellco Fusion allows sellers to resolve queries faster across all sales and social channels such as Shopify-powered web stores, web chat, Amazon, ebay and social channels such as facebook and twitter. XSellco Fusion is not only a great help desk, it is a great ecommerce help desk. Agents can see the product, the price, the selected delivery message, the customer address, delivery progress and any historical correspondence beside any customer query allowing the agent to reply in seconds.

7. Where do you see XSellco Fusion developing in the future? what can we expect from you guys?

We recently added web chat to the XSellco Fusion app. Fusion customers can now add a customisable web chat wizard to their shopify store and manage all website customer queries from within Fusion. We will continue to make this product more advanced and powerful and are presently adding better reporting and more intuitive automated chat triggers to help our customers save more time and money while maximising their customer satisfaction.

8. What is the secret of a successful Shopify App?

Keep it simple, keep it affordable, listen to customer feedback and react quickly (I hope).

9. Ecommerce in the next 5 years… where do you see the industry heading?

It goes without saying – mobile. Mobile is arguably already here with over 50% of transactions last holiday season in the US on Amazon and eBay impacted by mobile. But mobile will also drive centralization to several marketplaces and platforms, consumers will want the convenience of one-click purchase and so will migrate more and more to the likes of Amazon and eBay or even Facebook who offer a great mobile experience as credit card and delivery details and other key information is already stored. We may see Google and even Apple leverage their strong positions and experience of mobile to get further into the eCommerce space but for a retailer it will become more and more about selling your products on each and every available channel and also offering customers a uniform experience across all channels where possible.

10. What is your best marketing and/or traffic tip/strategy you can give to a brand new shopify entrepreneur out there?

To compete with bigger more established competitors, I believe it is important to focus on a niche, know your niche, own your niche and strive to be the best in that space. In XSellco we are laser-focused on providing the best Help Desk solution for eCommerce. There are several existing Help Desk providers but we are the only one that lives and breathes eCommerce.

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