Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush Review

Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush Review

Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush

For Shopify businesses looking for a quicker and easier way of integrating push notifications into their website or marketing campaign, there is an interesting solution out there. This FirePush app is specially designed for Shopify stores to offer automated web push notifications tailored to fit a typical store’s needs such as abandoned cart remarketing, item delivery updates, item price reduction or availability alerts.

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Developed by TK Digital Ltd, Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush also incorporates admin alerts so that the Shopify owner is always kept up to date with their sales.

The solution allows Shopify websites to send messages via web browsers straight to a customer’s desktop or mobile even after they’ve left that website.

For Shopify online shops, in particular, this is a real revolution in how to market their website, as it gives them the opportunity to keep their customers engaged with their product 24/7.

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What makes it even more special is that it’s ready to install -your one-stop solution for all your push notification needs. You’ll love the options and the dashboard. It’s very simple to use as the walk through during setting it up is brilliant and for sure you’ll be completely finished setting it up in less than 5 minutes. Highly recommended!

Pricing: From $0.00 / month
Checkout their pricing page for premium features.
Every new user gets 14-day trial of Premium features. After trial expires, you’ll be downgraded to Free plan.

Developer: TK Digital Ltd

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

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