Product Name
Waitlisted – Increase email signups with gamification

Company Website: https://www.waitlisted.co/  
Year Founded: 2015
LinkedIn: NA
Twitter: @waitlistedapp
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Justin McNally

What it does:  

Waitlisted is a simple waitlist management for your next great product.

Why you need this:

Waitisting is a good marketing effort. Rather than risking a bad reputation, any company now can throw up a waiting list wall to create a scarcity and desire to try the product. People would fill out surveys, share, etc. to try to gain early access.

The idea behind it.

To allow “startuppers” to handhold people through the onboarding process and identify people who are likely to have issues. It’s sort of a controlled access approach that will allow business owners to identify and eliminate any bugs missed by their QA or usability issues and iterate on other early feedback

What Bob likes

Bob likes the WordPress plugin. It was easy to get my landing page setup and has already doubled his client’s reservations since using it.  

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

There is currently no manual scoring for users on the waitlist.

Bob Mini Review

If you have a startup to launch and would like to increase signups to email lists, Waitlisted is a good choice. Similar to queueat.com, it helps you build and vet your early users while also amplifying your social reach by gamifying the signup process. What’s more is that Waitlisted also has automations and integrations with Mailchimp, drip and others. (And a full API). This will allow you to instantly engage users and find early adopters. It also rewards social sharing by moving users up the waitlist by simply referring or sharing your waitlist. It’s currently in private beta if you’re interested, sign-up and try it out.

Should  you try it? It’s a good marketing strategy to use waitlist in the early days or before launching your business or startup. So, why not eh? It’s free to use and you just need to sign-up

Includes FREE Trial?  Free-to-use

Pricing: Free-to-use

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