Vivino Top Wine App Case Study

Vivino Top Wine App

Target: To optimize Vivino App for Android Market (Google Play) and initial ASO research for iOS, 30 days after doing Google Play.

Android Performance after ASO done by the ASO Agency

On the first month Vivino for Google Play experienced an increase in 22 positions in Top grossing Lifestyle apps for the USA achieving top ranking for keywords like “wine” and “vino” in Spanish.

For Top Free Lifestyle the ranking in category also increased by 40 positions from 120 to 80 in just 30 days after doing the initial Android Optimization

Optimisation was not restricted to Google Play

iOS optimisation also yielded very successful results.

We achieved an increase after the first update of the 5th of February to position 4th in the Best New Apps for Food and Drink

And also a constant increase in category ranking for  Top Free Apps in Food and Drink moving from position 15th in average to an average of position 8th.

During the process of doing the ASO for the English Market we also provided support for the Spanish Market taking advantage of the huge power of ASO + localization

Still options for expansion:

The experience with Vivino was extremely interesting for us and for the client. We not only proved that ASO is a powerful strategy, but within niche markets the right keyword research can really drive downloads to increase category ranking.

Category ranking in turn drives up organic traffic and subsequently downloads. At the end of the day, this showcases the exponential power of professional app store optimization.

At the moment Vivino is working with us to optimize for more long tail keywords and take advantage of more opportunities in Latin countries (Spain, Italy, South America, Italy, France) where the power of long tail search terms can really bring targeted users.