Using Google to help find keywords

Using Google to help find keywords

Google provides a number of tools for keyword research. The most popular is the Google Keyword Planner, which provides a free keyword tool to help even the most basic user understand and improve traffic to their Shopify Store. There is also Google Trends, which can help you find potential keywords for your shop. Also, there’s Google Sheets. This can help you tabulate all your keywords quickly on the cloud. Moreover, there’s Youtube and Google Plus that will help you promote your Shopify store and get that maximum exposure.

Here’s a closer look at how you can use Google Tools to get the most out of your Shopify Store.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner requires you to have an Adwords account. If you don’t have one, you need to sign up, or you already have a Gmail address, you can use it to sign in. Keyword Planner is free to use, and the keyword analysis feature provides an excellent indication of what your customers “search for” in general.

  1. Upon logging in, go to Tools and Analysis, then Keyword Planner: Keyword planner
  2. Next step is to go to ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas,’ enter a keyword or keyword phrases into the “Your product or service” box, then click on ‘Get ideas’:Keyword planner 2

Tip: You can target a specific language and location. On the left pane, there are various options to change the targeting options settings.

  1. Select the ‘Keyword ideas’ tab to provide you with some useful information such as the average number of monthly searches, keywords ideas, related keywords, etc..

Keyword planner 2

Here you will also find potential keywords for your Shopify store. Just make sure to select those with low traffic scores with a good amount of traffic only (350 or more monthly searches).

I also check the suggested keywords and select potential keywords that are relevant to my online shop.

Google Trends

Another free tool in the Google toolset that can be very helpful in your keyword research is Google Trends. It is specifically made for tracking changes in search volumes for a particular keyword Worldwide. Google Trends will also tell you what’s trending in every niche you could imagine .I recommend it now for newbies instead of the many free or paid alternatives. This even allows you to determine local search traffic.

Below, it shows that there’s a search trend for the phrase “skateboard shop”. Australia looks fascinating since it shows that people over there are much more curious about skateboarding than people in the United States.


What’s the purpose of Google Trends?

Google Keyword Planner can be used for keyword research so you’ll have an idea how much traffic a keyword has and its difficulty score.

Google Trends is used to influence the general public. It is a public relations tool for Google that  contains more accurate data sets, and it’s much more useful in your keyword research for your Shopify Store.

Recently I wanted to find out how the car market performs in the US. I am working on a Shopify store to sell car accessories, and I wanted to use this as an example in this article.

When you search for “cars” on Google Trends, you get served the global data for the last decade by default.  This is ok as I was just looking for potential keywords and not really digging deeper into local search volume trends.

Trends 2

First, you need to click the “Worldwide” breadcrumb menu item on top – it will show a drop down menu where you can select the “United States.”

Under Queries, you will find potential and relevant keywords that you can use for your Shopify Store. 


When talking about video, YouTube is always part of the discussion. Why? It is the second best search engine in the world.

While it might not be a perfect platform to embed videos primarily due to ads, having your videos hosted on YouTube has its own advantages. Especially, if your video is an engaging one, with a good amount of views. It will definitely help your Shopify Store get more exposure.

Whether you have an online store for basketball fans or skateboarding enthusiasts, helping potential users find your video through YouTube will get you more sales or revenue. And since they’ve watched your promotional video, they’ll already know what they’re getting into.

Why A Video For Your Shopify Store?

  • To better show to your customers your products’ features
  • Instead of static preview images, you can give your customers the opportunity to see your products before buying it.
  • Improve your SEO (uploading your video on youtube will give you high-level links)
  • You can use it for mobile campaigns and reach people directly
  • It can be used on your Shopify’s landing page.

Here are some tips to get your video found:

Choose a title that’s relevant. Make sure your Shopify store’s or product’s name has some keywords are in there (but still keep it user-friendly). You may add “official”: as more and more videos and reviews of your products are shared, you want the one you created with love to be found easily

It also helps to share you Video on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Vine)

Once you have your Youtube video uploaded, you should, of course, share it with your all social media channels to let your followers know about your products or your Shopify store.

If you are really more into it, you could even produce a 6 seconds video for your Vine account.


Not so many people use Google+, but as a Shop owner, you should. Google favors Google products, and it has been proven to boost site’s ranking. There is a Google+ login that you can get for your store and the more +1s you get, the higher the potential rank it can get.

So what do you need to do?

Encourage +1’s

Use and encourage +1 button on your product pages, as it is a much more powerful answer to the Facebook’s Like button. It is a social proof that allows others to easily share your products on their Google+ profile.

Take care of your existing users

The number of users and retention is another factor. This is why it is important to retain and retarget the users who purchase or bought your product(s). Many shop owners make their shop look enticing and mobile friendly to promote engagement.

Use backlinks

Backlinks are now an important factor in online store marketing. Why? Google now indexes Shopify pages and even as far back as 2012. Links from known social media outlets have been increasing search rankings similar to web-based SEO:

With the increasing number of Shopify stores, it is now harder for small-time shop owners to challenge those big time players. Using Google tools to increase your shop’s exposure is the way to go especially when you have a limited budget. By strategically optimizing keywords after in-depth research, you can challenge the likes of the top Shopify owners.

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