Use And Manage Featured And Special Products In Your Shopify

Use And Manage Featured And Special Products In Your Shopify

This tutorial will show how to manage featured and special products in Shopify templates.

I have seen several guides and videos on how to manage featured and special products in Shopify, but most of them are outdated.  Just recently, Shopify has changed the edit item page and there is no more Frontpage category to make the changes in their guide. Good news is that in this new tutorial, I will show you how to make your product appear in the featured section on your Shopify home page and how to set special price for your products via a Shopify template (templatemonster).

If you want to emphasize more on your most important products, you will need to mark those products as featured.

Now let me show you how to add the product to featured products and make it appear at the frontend in your Featured products section.

  1. Log into your Shopify Admin panel then go toOnline Store > Themes > Customize theme tab:
  2. Next is to openLayout & content > Carousel products collection (the featured section title may differ within templates), then select the needed collection from the list and save changes.
  3. Navigate toProducts > your product > Collections and select the collection set as featured for this product, make sure to save changes:Customize Theme tab
  4. Now refresh yourShopify store’s frontend so your selected collection products will appear in the Featured products section on your Homepage:

Now I will show you how to make your product Special by setting a special price tag for it.

  1. First step is to navigate toProducts > your product > Variants > Edit:

Just in case your product does not have variants, go to next step:

  1. In thePrice field type the price you want to set for your customers in figures. Note: do not type any currency symbol (the currency your store uses is set on your General Settings page).

In Compare at price field, you need to type a higher price  to show your customers that your current price is lower.

  1. Finally, press theSave button, once you are done editing.
  2. Refresh the frontend. Your Shopify theme will automatically display your newly set price on your product page. Price from Compare at price field will also appear in different font or color to indicate that you’re selling below the old price.

This special product will be marked with a Sale label:

Now, that’s it! Now you know how to manage Featured and Special products in your Shopify store.

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