Tiwunify Review

Tiwunify Review

Tiwunify is a Marketing app for your shopify platform. It allows you to feed your products to Tiwun ad listing for free. It also generate back links to your products for better search engine visibility which also leads to more traffic and sales or conversion. With the help of this app, you’d be able to reach out to new users every day. Cool eh? It’s easy to setup and use also.

Upon app installation of Tiwunify, you can queue a fresh pull of all your store products on your dashboard, or just feed a single product. Don’t worry, the app won’t attempt to touch your products or your data without your permission.

Note: Every time you create, update, delete a certain product, it will affect your ad listing on tiwun.com too, it will be done seamlessly with no user intervention. Rest assured that all your product ad listing is updated with the latest changes on your store.

Pricing: Free

Developer: Tiwun

Get the App: Shopify App

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