Product Name
Timeneye – Simple, Intelligent Time Tracking Software

Company Website: https://www.timeneye.com/  
Year Founded: 2013
LinkedIn: Timeneye
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Anas Bouhtouch
Giovanni Lepori


What it does:  

Timeneye tracks time for your projects, without feeling like work, and improve your productivity levels in just a few clicks.

Why you need this:

If you are looking for an app that can handle the dull task of time-tracking and make it quick and painless, then Timeneye is the one for you.   

The idea behind it.

The main reason for developing this app/service is to make time tracking dead easy. It has a simple calendar in the dashboard to improve its existing features and integrations (Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, Google Calendar, Basecamp 2, Basecamp 3, Podio and Breeze).

Timeneye is developed not only to function as a time tracking platform but also to  monitor and manage projects, users, and clients in real-time.

What Bob likes

Bob likes Timeneye because it allows him to separate his time by client or project, and the detailed reports allow him to distinguish accordingly for accounting purposes. You can export tracked time in PDFs and CSV too!

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

No Slack integration

Bob Mini Review

Tracking time and projects is not anyone’s favorite task, but Timeneye makes it easier that you start to hate it a little bit less. This app or service is easy-to-use, which means you’ll actually want to keep track of and enter your time.

There’s a free trial and multiple paid plans to choose from. The free trial is actually great, especially for small offices or teams. You can track time, add an unlimited number of projects and make use of the reporting features. Timeneye allows you to describe your project, choose client(s), and even pick a color for each project. Then, you click start, and it tracks your time as you work until you decided to stop working.

Once you’ve created your work entry, I like that Timeneye shows you when that work was completed (day/time). It also gives you the option to go back and edit your time or delete it. You may also invite team members to view and join in on your projects to keep track of everyone’s time.

Since Bob works remotely, and occasionally has interrupted segments of work time, Timeneye is essential in allowing him to track his work hours with ease.  

There’s nothing Bob really dislikes about this Timeneye because it’s so easy and fun to use. However, you will need a Pro account if you have a large team.

Should  you try it?

Start out with the free trial if you have a smaller team. You may upgrade to the paid version if you find that you will need it.

Includes FREE Trial?  Available


Timeneye Free plan: unlimited projects, up to 1 user, at $0/month.

Timeneye 5 users: unlimited projects, up to 5 users, at $15/month.

Timeneye 10 users: unlimited projects, up to 10 users, at $29/month.

Timeneye 20 users: unlimited projects, up to 20 users, at $49/month.

Timeneye 50 users: unlimited projects, up to 50 users, at $99/month.

Timeneye 100 users: unlimited projects, up to 100 users, at $159/month.


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