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Timely – Reinvented Time Tracking

URL:  gettimely.com
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Creator(s) / Founder(s)
Ryan Baker
Andrew Schofield
Rowan Simpson
Mike O’Donnell


Schedulling and time tracking app in an unusual and cool way.


To organize your messy life, help you run your operations easier and have a better control of your week.


The idea behind Timely App is that you can schedule all of your hours, whether it’s weekly, daily, or even just a few hours and track your hours at the same time.  This is done by having a user interface that you can tap to see the planned hours, logged hours, history, etc. It is an appointment scheduling software that can be used by small and medium businesses to help them run their operations more efficiently, cut costs, and replace paper processes.


Althought the app is not a revolutionary app, the way they display the information is unusual and pretty useful for sure. Timely is best online booking system I have tried. It’s beautiful & effortless with innovative features unlike other time tracking apps in the best ways possible.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

It’s not on Android and when an App doesn’t have Android support Bob feels like screaming.

Bob Mini Review

In this digital age, people don’t answer their phones near as much anymore. The fastest way to get to clients is through email. Thanks to Email Hunter as it tells you what device the email was open
on, and at the same time, verifies the occurrence quite frequently.

Upon launching the app, you’ll found it to be a nice time tracking app that worked as advertised. It’s very rare these days to see an app that gets updated this much this quickly, but Timely has grown into an impressive new app with its latest version, one that you’ve got to try.

Timely’s been developed around a timesheet-style calendar that shows your schedule including every including an hour-by-hour breakdown of the day of your week in a quick overview. When you hover over a specific date, you’ll see a plus box to manually add a time entry directly on that date. Let’s say you clicked on the wrong date, you don’t need to panic.  Simply drag the entry to another date. Cool eh? You may also set the amount of time you worked by simply dragging (up or down) on the bottom of the time sheet. It’s an all-in-one system that allows you to make your to-do lists, then update each entry them to show the time you actually spent on a specific task without having to tweak settings on every entry.

It also has this real-time time tracking feature that works in the same obvious way. Start a new task on today’s date, and you can set a timer using your favorite browser that’ll keep working even if you’re updating other timesheet entries. It auto-expands for the time you spent, and can be resized if you need to manually add the time you spent working (let’s say after you have closed your browser). Each entry is attached to a specific task (project). You can also add work notes to specify what you were working on, so it’s always easy to know or track where your time went this week. What’s more is that you can see your total billed time and earnings this week, along with your estimated time and earnings — in the top toolbar without having to set things up.


Yes. Especially if you like a nice interface and a way to see your calendar in an easy way.

Includes FREE Trial? Yes

Pricing: It’s free for personal use with up to 3 projects, then starts at just $14 a month for unlimited personal projects. Actually, you can get started with a 30-day free trial – No credit card required.

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