Product Name
Streak – A Well Executed Gmail Integration

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2011
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Creator(s) / Founder(s) :

Omar Ismail
Aleem Mawani

What it does:  

Streak is a CRM tool that helps users to efficiently manage their time, track the status of their emails, schedule emails ahead, invoicing, hiring, and support.

Why you need this:

Streak is the CRM for you if you’re on Google Apps. It can help you manage your emails, Sales, and serve as your CRM. It’s an operational tool to better organize all your emails and communication between you, your company, your vendors, as well as your customers.

The idea behind it.

It was born out of the frustration of constantly having to switch between user’s inbox (where users do their work) and separate systems. The goal of Streak is to take the work out of managing the processes users do everyday.

What Bob likes

Bob likes its user interface. It’s very colorful and inviting to use but not overwhelming. Streak is easy to install and set-up. Its templates get any type of user up and running in no time.  

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

There’s no detailed analytics like Yesware. It doesn’t sync with Salesforce. Its email tracking function  only tracks how many views and on what devices.

Bob Mini Review

Streak app builds customer relationship management software for Gmail, which was its primary business. As of this writing, it currently works with Gmail, but a Google Inbox version is in the works. I do hope that it will also be compatible with other email platforms like Yahoo Mail and Outlook in the near future.

I added the app to his Gmail to test and see how I could consolidate all my apps to make it easier for training. It’s a good thing that my office runs on Google Apps so everything works great for us. Currently, I would say that it is an essential part of our team communication. We use Streal in all aspects of my business. From hiring, to lead distribution, to invoicing, as well as client updates.

It also brings so much value even on the free version level. With Streak, I don’t have to use other apps, or open up other tabs to see what’s going on with any of my pipelines. One way to describe Streak is to say that it’s Gmail tags on lots of steroids with some other useful tools (email snoozing and view tracking) built-in as well. However, I don’t like the fact that it has no  real contact management solution. It’s also a bit pricey for what you get. If only call logs and meeting notes were added in the Starter Plan, then it would be much better. Because I won’t pay $40 per user, per month for its core functionality.  

Should  you try it?  

Unless you are paranoid about giving a third party app access to your Gmail account, then yeah give Streak a try!

Includes FREE Trial? Available


Free Plan – $0 /user/month (5 user limit)
Starter Plan – $19 /user/month (10 user limit, Email)
Corporate Plan – $39 /user/month (No user limit, Premium email)
Enterprise Plan – $119 /user/month (No user limit, Premium phone/email)

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