Startup Validator

Startup Validator

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Startup Validator – Check if your startup’s name is available on the web!

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Year Founded: 2015
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Twitter: @therealcoelho
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Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Karl Coelho

What it does:  

Startup Validator is a free online tool that checks or validates your prospective startup name or title.

Why you need this:

If you are setting up your business or startup, checking out available names is also well worth your time. This is where Startup Validator comes in handy. It can check whether your prospective startup name already exists.

The idea behind it.

The idea behind to service is to help start-uppers determine as to whether his proposed startup name or title already exists, or the name isn’t too similar to a name that someone else has registered as a trademark. This saves time and effort and also money.

What Bob likes

It’s a cool tool! simple but practical.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob thinks that it would be great if the result would load faster and would contain a wider search. Also, Bob would like to see more platforms added in the future.

Bob Mini Review

Startup validator is a help tool if you are on the final leg of naming your startup. Let’s say you have a very large spreadsheet of root words and permutations as a short list of the titles or names that you like. Before you make that final decision, you can use Startup validator to stress-test each name or title to see if your proposed name is available or the name you have in mind isn’t too similar to a name that someone else has registered as a trademark. There are always some problems that you don’t foresee, so this tool will help you understand the risks of choosing a particular startup name.  

It’s easy to use. Just go to, type your proposed title in the field, then click check. Upon doing so, it will show you if the domain is available or not, the twitter handle, as well as Facebook page name.

Remember, no startup name will ever be without risk, but using this tool will help put you in a much better position — since you already have insights as to whether someone has already thought of your startup name. I do hope that the developer will add more platforms in the future. Also, I think a suggestion tool would be good.

Should  you try it?

Yes, highly recommended for start-uppers having a hard time choosing a name.

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Totally free to use


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