Startup Shopify Theme Review

Startup Shopify Theme Review


Theme name:  Startup

Produced by: Pixel Union
Category: Electronics, Art & Photography, Home & Garden, Clothing & Fashion
Price:  $180

Styles Available:


Startup is a responsive theme including currency switcher, live updating, a blog and lots of other features. Check it out now!


Startup Home is a simple responsive Shopify theme. It includes lots of features including a blog and a homepage that can serve as a one-page store.

Startup Art is our potent mix of pop-up shop simplicity and refined aesthetics. Its homepage can serve as a one-page store by itself.


Startup is a responsive Shopify theme, perfect for clothing. With lots of features it allows the homepage to be a one-page store all on its own.

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About the Theme:

Startup provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and sprawl-free detail. Its homepage is a modular masterpiece, capable of serving as a one-page store all on its own. Perfect for merchants selling a small amount of products, but flexible enough to handle an entire catalogue, Startup is the ideal first step to running your dream business. Learn more here:

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