Product Name
Sqwiggle – Always-on Online Workplace

Company Website: http://www.sqwiggle.com  
Year Founded: 2013
LinkedIn: Sqwiggle
Facebook: Sqwiggle

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :

Matt Boyd
Tom Moor
Eric Bieller

What it does:  

Sqwiggle is an online workplace that allows you to see and hear your team members with no need to call and share everything important to your work in one beautiful, easy to use the web or native app.

Why you need this:

It makes it a lot easier to create a fun and engaging company culture, even if your team is remote and spread out across the world – your team is always just one click away.

The idea behind it.

Sqwiggle is an online communication tool developed for remote users. It is the better version of Skype or Google Hangouts because it is optimized to use minimal bandwidth and can work even with the largest teams (Google Hangouts and Skype are both meeting based systems – meaning they both rely heavily on bandwidth usage).

What Bob likes

Sqwiggle allows you to chat to anyone on your team in a split second. Just click and talk!

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Sqwiggle does not have screen sharing available yet, but they’re working on it! There’s also no advanced usage statistics, data retention policies, as well as activity/audit logs.

Bob Mini Review

We use Sqwiggle to handle communication with our virtual team. So far so good, it has been a fantastic tool to chat, pop on a call, or get some quick feedback on a question.

I’ve used Sqwiggle to work with several different remote teams and continually have great experiences. I’ve found that Sqwiggle is one of the few products out there that make it really simple to collaborate on something. The video chat feature is really fun and easy to use.

As of this writing, Sqwiggle does not have screen sharing feature and I do hope that they add this feature in their next update.

Again, Sqwiggle is an easy, convenient, and a free way to keep in touch with people. If you expect to be doing a lot of group meeting, then you may need the upgrade, but there’s no reason not to implement at the very least the free version. Also, as it becomes increasingly popular it is becoming more and more widely used by users around the globe.

Should  you try it?

Bob recommends Sqwiggle to anyone because it makes communicating with your remote teams easier and more quickly. Moreover, anyone can use it to stay in touch and update with friends and family.  

Includes FREE Trial?  Available  


Free – Unlimited 1-on-1 video chat

Plus – $9 user/month | Unlimited group chat Up to 10 people

Enterprise – $25 user/month | Unlimited group chat Up to 10 people (30 soon)


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