Product Name
Sprintly – Painless Software Project Management For SMBs

Company Website: https://sprint.ly/  
Year Founded: 2008
LinkedIn: NA
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Joe Stump
Graham Blache

What it does:  

Sprintly is a project collaboration tool that keeps project discussions organized, and more importantly – it keeps all of those discussions out of your inbox.

Why you need this:

If you want your team to benefit from having all of your assets and discussions in one place, then Sprintly the one for you. It solves one of the biggest problems in the business – communication. Sprintly helps you save time and get your projects completed efficiently since everyone on the project can see exactly where we are with things and who is responsible for each task.

The idea behind it.

Just like other project management tools, Sprintly is made to allow all users to get an overview of all the projects, and provide a granular control over to-dos, assignments, and deadlines. It also helps in scheduling and managing complex projects and processes.

What Bob likes

Sprintly for Bob is intuitive, easy on the eyes, and it needs a limited learning curve. Bob has used it and love it. It helps him manage team projects across several industries and keep tabs on everyone and communicate with his people effortlessly. Training is non-necessary, Bob just tells his team to download the app and they’ll get the hang of it.  

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob does not have too much to complain about. For his purposes, Sprintly does what he needs it to do. He as tried other project management tools and never felt as at home with them, so Sprintly has remained as his go-to.

Bob Mini Review

Bob has a marketing team of a few people and they are working on hundreds of projects at any one point. Before Sprintly, he would email someone on his team about a certain request. And if they weren’t able to get to it immediately, he would get it back from them and have to try to remember what’s the purpose of his request or email. Now, Bob scopes out the entire project in Sprintly and has everything organized in one place. He now knows exactly what the next step and it saves him from the headache of having to remember all of the details of every project.

Visually, the app is appealing. It is very simple to use and it allows Bob to organize all of his projects, assign to a team member or group, and set up reminders. With a massive list of integrations, this app can make your day to day project management a lot easier. It really made Bob’s team 1000 times more productive! He loves the Real-time activity feeds feature, which quickly keeps him up to date on his projects and what everyone is working on. Projects are easy to set up and collaboration is a breeze with the help of this tool. You can also use the mobile app to always stay up to date on the go.  

His team also enjoys the product, as it provides an easy access to project status and updates. He also has 3 employees on his team that are remote, and Sprintly makes it simple to collaborate with them as well.

Should  you try it?  

Bob recommends Sprintly to everyone who can afford it. Yeah, there’s a free plan but to full take advantage of all its features, a pain plan is the way to go. There are less expensive plans and even free solutions for project management available, but Sprintly is the most streamlined and useful tool for project management that he has used.

Includes FREE Trial? Yes – No Credit Card required


$19/month – Startup: 6 Members, 12 Observers
$49/month – Team: 14 Members, 5 Collaborators, 28 Observers
$99/month – Pro: 20 Members, 10 Collaborators, 40 Observers
$199/month – Agency: 33 Members, 15 Collaborators, 50 Observers
$399/month – Enterprise: 75 Members, 20 Collaborators, 50 Observers

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