Sortd for Gmail

Sortd for Gmail

Product Name

Sortd for Gmail – Transform your email into organized lists

Company Website:  

Year Founded: 2015

LinkedIn: NA

Twitter: @GetSortd

Facebook: NA


Creator(s) / Founder(s) :

Rodney Kuhn

Wayne Silbermann

Bradley Greathead


What it does:  

Sortd is a skin that adds a new layer to your Gmail. Simply click the small red tab on the side to activate it and you’ll be taken to the Sortd view, which is essentially a kanban board.

Why you need this:

These days, your email often turns into your task list. Trello is a great app to organize your to-do’s. Well, now you can get the same sort of organization right in Gmail with, Sortd.

The idea behind it.

Sortd is created to make email more efficient and less painful. It aims to provide a Trello-like interface so it would be very useful for bucketing emails, to-do’s, and other tasks.

What Bob likes

Bob likes the cleaner, better organized Sortd view – there’s a ton of customization too!

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob would love columns to support labels, filters, and search. He also wants more automation for this to be useful enough to leave his setup with Airmail. Bob also wishes it were easier to select all emails in the inbox (there’s no select all checkbox).

Bob Mini Review

Sortd is a Gmail skin that works like charm in transforming your email into organized lists. The UI is clean and it’s easy to install and use. However, searching emails in the Sortd view doesn’t produce the same thorough results as it does in Gmail. It’s quite intriguing because the developers noted that they’re using the Gmail API, so technically the results should be the same, right? But then again, it could be that the API is relatively new and could be improved over time. (In the meanwhile, you can switch to Gmail view to search for better results.)

All in all, Sortd has been a great match for how Bob likes to work—visually . Bob knows some people who love using labels and stars to organize their messages, and Inbox by Gmail has great task management features, but Bob likes Sortd’s clean and uncluttered bird’s eye view of emails turned into tasks. It really brings conversations, tasks, and priorities together into one intuitive, visually-organized workspace, that’s really easy to use and works right inside Gmail.

You can try Sortd out for yourselves (you can use the invite code PRODUCTHUNT to join the private beta). Let Bob knows what you think of it.

Should  you try it? Free-to-use

Includes FREE Trial?  Free-to-use

Pricing: Free-to-use



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