Social Media Calendar By Buffer

Social Media Calendar By Buffer

Product Name
Social Media Calendar by Buffer – Complete social media management, at a glance

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2015
LinkedIn: BufferApp
Twitter: @buffer
Facebook: BufferApp

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Joel Gascoigne
Leo Widric

What it does:  

Social Media Calendar By Buffer is a visual workplace for social media marketing. It allows you plan all your content and campaigns with ease and organize how and when your content gets shared.

Why you need this:

If you’re looking for ways to plan and manage your social media updates the same way you do your Google or Outlook calendars, then this is your best bet.

The idea behind it.

The idea behind this app was to make it as easy as it is to set meetings or schedule a call with someone – then you can drag things around, reschedule something, or just see everything at a glance.

What Bob likes

Bob thinks that Buffer’s Social Media Calendar is simple yet powerful. He loves the idea because he loves the Trello Calendar view and it reminds him of that.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob would like to see these features added soon: Facebook Tagging and Carousel posts.

Bob Mini Review

Bob has been waiting for this feature in Buffer. He’s so happy that it is finally here, and it looks and works perfectly! This is something that had been unfortunately missing from his Buffer posting workflow, and this will now make his posting life a lot easier.

One thing Bob would like to suggest: He thinks the launch of the social calendar is a great  time to bring in a “wide view” option for the buffer layout on a desktop. On a wide screen, there’s a lot of wasted space on both sides of the Bufferapp content; Bob has found it until now to be a good mix of aesthetic and functionality, but with the calendar it could enable a richer view. As it is, Bob is only seeing about 13 characters worth of each title in the listings on the calendar, whereas if there were a wider view, it would be a lot easier to tell what each post is.

In short, this  new Social Media Calendar is designed to make it as easy to schedule and publish on social as it is to add an event to your calendar!

Bob is thankful for this new feature. Right now, all of their paid plans (Awesome, Business, and Enterprise) have access to the Calendar view at no extra cost.  

Should  you try it?

Yes, especially if you’re into social media marketing or promotion. Check it out , and you’ll get nothing but to discover great stuff to read.

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