Social Autopilot Review

Social Autopilot Review

Social Autopilot

If you have social media buttons on your Shopify’s product pages, you probably added them because you wanted your products to be shared more frequently on networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You know that more shares is equal to more publicity, and more publicity means more new customers making purchases.

Well, that makes sense, and there’s an app to help you increase your shares and user engagement. It’s called Social Autopilot!

Developed by BOLD, it effortlessly engages customers and drives traffic to your store every time you add a product or write a blog post. Cool eh? It’s a built in randomizer tool makes you not seem like a robot, so you won’t forget to Tweet or Pin a new product or blog post again. What’s more is that it’s fun to use and it’s totally FREE.

However, this is just one of the few methods you can use to motivate a customer to spread the good word about your brand before, during, and after their purchase. With the right motivation dealt out to your customers, you can increase the shares of your products and take advantage of the increased lift in awareness and sales that the publicity it brings. Just a friendly reminder from ShopiHunt, start slowly and cautiously, and never forget that your customers are doing you a favor!

Pricing: Free

Developer: BOLD

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