Smart Exit Offers Review

Smart Exit Offers Review

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If you’re looking for a way to entice your Shopify site’s visitors who are about to leave your website into ordering items from your store, then you have to check out Smart Exit Offers, as it comes with cool features like customizable popups, analytics dashboards, and much more.

Smart Exit Offers is yet another marketing app for Shopify store owners that supports exit offers so you can reduce the abandoned cart rate.

It uses 60+ data signals to build a statistical model that evaluates your the conversion probability of each of your site’s visitor. Some examples of data signals include the visitor’s location, computer type, the referrer site, the number of page views per visit, the amount time on the site, the number of visits it takes to buy a certain item and the prices of items browsed.

Let’s say, after analyzing your visitors’ behavior the app may learn that visitors from NY who are referred from Facebook and use Windows computers are less likely to convert than Windows users from LA who are referred from Facebook. Thus, it would be wise to offer visitors from NY additional discounts.

Smart Exit Offers

Smart Exit Offers is proven to increase conversion rate and convert traffic into sales, recover abandoned carts and drive revenue.

If you want to try out something new, you will be satisfied with this app because it’s fully customizable with flexible content, popup size, color, and much more. It is exactly what you need to promote your products and display the right message to your customers. It’s a MUST-HAVE app for your Shopify store! No hesitation 5 stars !

Pricing: $5.99 / month
Free Trial 14 days

Developer: bitREC

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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