1. Tell us a bit of the history of your company… how did The Shop Pad started?

ShopPad was founded in 2012, based in in Oakland, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Everything we do at ShopPad is built around Shopify and we’re lucky to work with so many incredible merchants every year through our apps and services. ShopPad works with many of the biggest names on Shopify like like Telsa, General Electric, 5-hour Energy and Starwood Hotels. We especially like working with the emerging brands of tomorrow — helping them to build their dreams and grow their empires.

2. Who is behind the team of The ShopPad and what is your team background?

Our team is made of a really talented group of entrepreneurs and eCommerce experts.
We are all working together to build the products of tomorrow!

3. Okay so you had the idea to start The ShopPad .. tell us a bit about the challenges when you started to work with Shopify Apps?

ShopPad was one of the first 20 companies to join Shopify’s app marketplace at a time when we just had one app called Fablet. Now Shopify has over 1,500 app developers with more coming in every day, and ShopPad has ten different apps used by over 50,000 merchants. It is a really exciting time!

4. Why Shopify? and what makes The ShopPad a perfect match for Shopify?

Shopify has the best developer API in the entire eCommerce industry and is lead by an incredibly talented team of people. They understand the needs of their developers and give us the tools to create amazing eCommerce solutions.

5. What are your favourite apps from your app portfolio? (I know difficult question)

My favorite changes really often, but Tracktor is my current favorite. It is a really neat app that empowers any retailer to give their customers really professional looking tracking information. It solves a common problem, “Where is my order?” and brings customers back to your store.

6. Where do you see ShopPad developing in the future?

In the last 18 months we added a custom services division that helps merchants build on top of Shopify to create anything that they can dream up. We’ll continue to grow our custom services and bring new apps to the platform.

7. What is the secret of a successful Shopify App?

The secret to a successful Shopify App is a great design, iterating quickly based on feedback from merchants using the app, and making sure the app is offered at an attractive price that works for Shopify merchants.

8. eCommerce in the next 5 years… where do you see the industry heading?

I think we’ll see the industry continue to develop the omni-channel vision for retail — eCommerce is going to be everywhere!

9. What is your best marketing and/or traffic tip/strategy you can give to a brand new shopify entrepreneur out there?

My number one tip is to always ask your customers for feedback and make sure you’re listening to both the good and the bad.

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