How to Set Up a Facebook Page

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Facebook is a popular social networking platform that allows you to keep in touch with your friends or family. Just so you know, it now allows you to create stores within your Facebook Page. To do so, you just need to know how to create an App, so you’d be to upload your products along with its pricing information into your Facebook page, then somehow connect everything to some sort of shopping cart to process your online store payments.

Does it sound too technical? Well, most likely we should reserve that for technically inclined warriors.

So what can an average joe like you do?

Good news is tha there is an easier way to do set up a Facebook page without pulling all your hair out! And yes, thanks to Shopify

There are quite a number of available Shopify apps out there that will allow you to set up your Facebook store easily without coding required.

Also, there are a number of online store builders that can automatically connect everything to your Facebook store, and Shopify is one of them.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce solution provider that can help you create your own online store. It can allow you to make any changes or updates you do to your Shopify products, and all of these can be done automatically through your Facebook store.

The huge advantage here is that you just have to update all your products once, and the Facebook store will also be seamlessly updated, saving you time and effort.

OK, so let’s get started!

To create a Facebook Store through Shopify, you need to add a free Facebook Store app to your Shopify store.


  1. First step is to log into your Shopify Admin, go to the Apps section to install the Facebook Store app by Shopify
  1. Connect your Facebook Account
  1. Add a Facebook Store
  1. Finally, choose the Bootstrap Website Facebook Page

You’re done! Your Shopify store is now functioning on your Facebook Page and with just a few clicks you can start selling your products on it.


Here are some of the cool features that Shopify allow you to control over your Facebook store:

  • Visual Organization
  • Allows you to choose which products you want to sell on Facebook
  • Automatically import products from your Shopify store and Facebook store
  • Real-time updates.
  • Liking Gate

So if you set up online store using Shopify, they make it so simple for you to upload all your products to your own Facebook store.


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