Sell One Thing

Sell One Thing

Nowadays, there are several online shop builders like Shopify. This is why a quick checkout page for a single product is a good idea if you wanted to sell — like for an info product or tickets to your band’s performance. Sell One Thing can do this for you. It is a website where you can create and host a single checkout page for your product easily. It can be used to sell your eBooks, digital codes, homemade crafts, or pretty much anything where you need to put up a checkout page fast.

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It’s totally free to use and comes with Stripe integration – your customer would be able to receive credit card payments (you’ll need a live Stripe account, and Stripe will charge processing fees, of course).

As I have said, Sell One Thing is easy to setup and use. You just have to go to the website, fill up the form (product name, cost, description, image, etc. ), and submit. It will then provide a unique URL that points to your product. There are no ads here which is good and the only backlink is to the site’s main page.

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Pricing: Free
Developer: SellOneThing

Get the App: N/A

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