Segment.Ly Review

Segment.Ly Review is a marketing app for your Shopify store that you can use to target customers based on their behavior on your site, where they come from, what page they are on, and so much more. You could also re-target them BEFORE they leave your Shopify online store. It’s so simple to setup and use. It has so many features wrapped into one application like beautiful premade templates, responsive and user friendly designs, location based targeting, and it’s totally free to use with extended pricing for a premium account starting at $9 per month afterwards.

You’ll like that you can create different campaigns such as a promotion bar at the top of your Shopify website, a social media discount, a newsletter popup and a special offer for a coupon all in one easy process. The support is good as well. They are always ready to answer your questions about their product.

There are many similar apps but this one is not difficult to set up. The options, features, and aesthetics of it all is very worth the subscription whether it’s free or the paid plan. If you are looking to simplify the way you reach out to your customers, then look no further this is the app for you.

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