Recurring Billing by ReCharge

Recurring Billing by ReCharge


Recurring Billing by ReCharge is dubbed as the number one subscription software in the Shopify App Store. It is the most robust subscription customer portal available. It offers automatic/seamless integration into your Shopify checkout, order flow and customer account.

It costs $19.99 per month, and comes with free trial for 90 days and free setup. They will handle all the setup for you during your free integration call. If you’re a developer or have your developers working for you, they can also provide you all the tools to fully customize the app according to your needs.It also has the most robust feature set selling physical products on subscription. It allows single product, mixed cart, or even entire cart subscriptions. Cool eh? No wonder thousands of stores are using this subscription solution.

Moreover, Recurring Billing by ReCharge allows you to create multiple types of subscription plans. You can opt for pre-payment options where you can bill your customer 3/6/12 months intervals, and offer more discounts for longer subscription intervals. Or, set specific subscription lengths for your products.

Other salient features include major merchant processors or gateways support, it’s mobile friendly, comes with email notifications, price management tools, custom integration, and many more.

Recurring Billing by ReCharge is indeed an essential app for your Shopify store, as it allows you to successfully implement your business model of different subscription models into our Shopify backend. Highly recommended. 3 thumbs up!

Pricing: $19.99 / month
Free Trial 90 daysDeveloper: ReCharge

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