Recomailer Review

Recomailer Review

Recomailer by Wordsense is a Shopify app that can automatically send periodic emails to your customers. You may also customize the email templates to convey your brand. Using it is like having another sales person working for you, carefully selecting the best products for each individual customer, and then get them sent out in the blink of an eye, wether you have hundreds or thousands of customers to contact.

If you already have a newsletter, you still need to consider this because newsletters are for news that let your whole customer base know about your latest products and collections or special offers. But every customer has different interests and wants, right? Sending personalized product recommendations is what Recomailer does. It sends recomails directly into your customer’s inboxes for it is the best way to catch their attention when they haven’t come back to your Shopify store for a while.

This Recomailer app is very easy to set up and tailor to the look of your Shopify store. When you need a little help formatting an issue, you’ll promptly get assistance from their support team. It works as advertised – each time an email goes out, sales come in. It also comes with a stats page that allows you to see opens, clicks, PURCHASES, and opt-outs. What more could you ask for?

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