Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails

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Really Good Emails – Great email newsletter example

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Year Founded: 2014
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Twitter: @Reallygoodemail
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Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Matthew Smith

Really Good Emails is a well-needed site for email inspiration which will help you improve your workplace communication.

Why you need this:

Say goodbye to personally collecting email newsletters for years and selfishly kept it to yourself. Really Good Emails does it better as it’s more organized and accessible online.

The idea behind it.

This site has been developed to provide us a collection of really good email templates that we can use in our marketing campaigns.  

What Bob likes

Bob likes the design and its search functionality. It’s fully responsive and he has not encountered any errors or glitches while navigating the site.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob thinks that it is a great example of an inbound tool/microsite. However, he thinks that if conversion rates were included along with A/B tests on specific design elements, this page would be gold.

Bob Mini Review

Bob is a recent subscriber of this service after a friend recommended this to him. Sometimes while writing his emails, he faces a roadblock on how to pen down certain thoughts effectively & reading sample emails found on this site clears these blockers

It’s beautifully designed as well. It is like a Pinterest board of beautiful emails, which is always fun. He’s very thankful for creating a microsite like this. It is indeed a good resource for designing reasonably effective and well-designed emails that really serve customers – as opposed to hectic overlinked emails driven by spammy SEO thinking.

Should  you try it? Free-to-use

Includes FREE Trial?  Free-to-use

Pricing: Free-to-use



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