Promotion Bar Review

Promotion Bar Review

Promotion Bar

Are you a Shopify owner? If so, you can now easily add a beautiful top or bottom visual sticky bar to your Shopify store. Thanks to Promotion Bar, a marketing app that allows you to communicate important messages or promotions, encourage social sharing or collect emails elegantly.

It features customizable messages, moving text, a link button to drive more traffic to a specific product, Facebook like and share buttons, tweet button, eye catching animations, and much more.

The Promotion Bar appears in every page of your Shopify store, and attracts your visitor’s attentions in a non-invasive efficient way. The Promotion Bar makes it a lot easier to share a custom message with your audience, and make sure that it’s noticed. This app also improves the conversion of social network accounts sharing and email collecting, and helps you grow your community and mailing lists.

What’s not to love? It’s a good pop up app that creates a pop up bar that does not distract customers. Instead, it grows interest in the promotion to complete the purchase and capture an email address.

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