1. Tell us a bit of the history of Printify … how did you guys started?

It all started when our CEO James was operating a different business model. Countless hours of hard work spent on fulfillment of a single product helped him recognize all the perks of the printing services and the hazard of cooperating with various manufacturers– it felt like hand-painting phone cases and shirts would be so much easier.

Back in the days, there were so many aspects you needed to cover when considering a printing business – a warehouse or your parents’ garage to store all the products, professional photo-shoots with expensive equipment to display your goods online. And not to mention the time and effort you had to spend arranging all of that.

That is where we stepped up to give every merchant the printing experience they deserve! On September 10th 2015 Printify was introduced to Shopify users and became one of the top trending apps within its first month.

Starting out with no headquarters, Printify team members worked remotely from different locations all around the world, with Skype and Trello as the only meeting spot. Now, we have a fast-growing family united in one office to create the future of a modern printing industry.

2. Who is behind the team of Printify and what is your team background?

Printify is a strong, handpicked family.

At the outset, there were three ambitious co-founders with a clear vision on what they want and how to get it. Thus, every member joining the team had to be a superstar in his or her work field.

We don’t hire people to tell them what to do – we hire people with a deep understanding and passion for their job, so THEY would tell US, what to do!

As a result, we have a diversity of unique individuals, who care about learning and growing every day. Most importantly – everyone cares about saving time, and that is exactly what Printify is about!

3. Okay so you had the idea to start Printify.. tell us a bit about the challenges when you started to work with Shopify Apps?

In the thick of all the professionals we have interviewed, only a few people shared Printify’s visions and values – we expect more than most people can offer.

Why drink champagne lukewarm, when you can fill in a jakuzzi, throw in some rose petals, light up the candles and enjoy it like a boss? When we do something, we exceed our own expectations.

4. Why Shopify? and what makes Printify a perfect match for Shopify?

Shopify is the flagship of e-commerce and will only keep growing. And Printify has just started to rock the e-commerce world.

5. Fun question If Printify was an Avenger in the Shopify Apps superhero world… what will be Printify app super power?

Printify is Mr. Fantastic because of his ability to stretch his body into any shape. That’s kind of what we do for our customers every day. Besides, Mr. Fantastic is known to be one of the most intelligent comic characters. We can absolutely relate to his talent in engineering, chemistry and physics – we master our abilities in technology, printing and delivery.

6. Tell us how a shopify business can benefit from using Printify?

Printify covers 3 major steps of the process – we offer products, we fulfill orders and we deliver packages. And since we are an on-demand service, our users don’t need any equipment or storage space – simply create a design and sell it on T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs and many other products.

7. Where do you see Printify developing in the future? what can we expect from you guys?

Print your design on anything that you can imagine and receive it in the same day.

8. What is the secret of a successful Shopify App?

Would it still be a secret if we told you?

9. Ecommerce in the next 5 years… where do you see the industry heading?

Selling anything, anywhere, anytime.

10. What is your best marketing and/or traffic tip/strategy you can give to a brand new shopify entrepreneur out there?

Start with being clear on your vision and values. Work with conversions – in the battle of quantity vs. quality, never forget about the importance of quality.

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