PopHarvest Review

PopHarvest Review


Pop Harvest developed by Pop Harvest is a Shopify X Instagram app that can help you drive potential customers from your Instagram photos to your product pages.It allows you create shoppable Instagram galleries that you can embed anywhere in your Shopify store. This app also allows you to tag products featured in your Instagram account, so your customers can shop instantly. Never again will your customers have to search your Shopify store for a product they saw in your Instagram feed – Pop Harvest will get them to those products right away.Basically, it brings fans to your product page instantly! It is a lightweight app that’s lightening fast. The app loads almost instantly and works flawlessly on any browser or device.

It also has this performance/analytics dashboard that provides instant insights with respect to what shop links are being clicked on so that you’re able to identify what content drives your Instagram fans to the point-of-sale. It tracks likes, comments, clicks, sales, and conversions.
With all its robust feature set, you won’t wonder why it’s being trusted by thousands of top brands, bloggers, and agencies.

But then again, this might not work for those who are just starting up, as it relies mainly on your Instagram followers. But if you have a solid Instagram fanbase, this is a must try!

Pricing: $9.00 – $89.00 / month

Popharvest’s pricing starts at $9/month and allows you to tag products in your own Instagram photos to make them shoppable.

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Developer: Popharvest

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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