Product Name
Pick – The simplest way to schedule a time to meet

Company Website: www.pick.co  
Year Founded: 2015
LinkedIn: Pick_HQ
Twitter: @Pick_HQ
Facebook: Pick_HQ

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Ryan Mindigo
Michael Selepec
Nitin Shantharam
Steve Au

What it does:  

Pick is a desktop and iOS app that eliminates the back & forth of scheduling, by allowing you to schedule a meeting in one step from any device.

Why you need this:

Probably to save you countless hours by reducing the scheduling process down to a few clicks.

The idea behind it.

It aims to help you find time a good meeting time for a group of people by syncing with digital calendars and surfacing mutual availability on your mobile app and/or desktop web. All participants get to receive a personal URL to share their availability.

What Bob likes

Pick is really easy, simple and awesome.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob does not really dislike anything. However, there were times that it doesn’t see that I’ve blocked out my calendar and will allow people to still book over an existing event. Rare, but it happens occasionally. And yeah, no Android app yet.

Bob Mini Review

The back and forth of meeting scheduling is really a problem in a business or a company. It’s a good thing we have meeting scheduler apps or services that we can use to solve this, and the latest is “Pick.”

With this app,  I have likely saved hundreds of hours these past few months by not having to go back and forth with people to find times to talk. My co-workers can even schedule directly to my calendar without the hassle of going back and forth on e-mail. I also think I get more people to follow through on scheduling with me because they like the novelty factor of clicking the personalized Pick Link.

Pick currently supports Google Calendar and Office 365. It is said that the developers are currently working on the iCloud and Exchange support.

Pick is free to use and it has a free app on the App Store that you can download and give it a try. Believe me, it is quite useful. Just a tip, this tool/app makes it a lot easier to schedule things for other people. My assistant uses my personal Pick link to easily schedule things on my calendar, so it also makes her job more efficient.

Should  you try it?  

Bob would definitely recommend. The look is simple but elegant, easy to operate, and it’s totally free.

Includes FREE Trial?  

Totally free to use. There’s a free app as well just in case you use an iOS device.


Totally free to use. There’s a free app as well just in case you use an iOS device.


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