1. Tell us a bit of the history of Perzonalization … how did you guys started?:

We founded the company in 2014 with my business partner; Selim. From the very first start, our aim was to create a technology which predict’s the user’s next purchasing decision, in real time. We first started as a B2C platform, then pivoted to B2B. Right now we help eCommerce sites increase their revenues and customer loyalty with the help of our predictive personalization solutions.

2. Who is behind the team of Perzonalization and what is your team background?

We are two ex- colleagues from Nokia. I have a marketing background obtained in multi-national FMCG and tech companies and my business partner Selim is a tech-inventor guy having established his first start-up at the age of 24 and moved on to the corporate world on his mid-career route.

3. Okay so you had the idea to start Perzonalization . tell us a bit about the challenges when you started to work with ecommerce providers

We currently have apps for Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Opencart and I can say that all of these platforms are unique! It takes a lot of time and effort to figure out a platform’s unique technical and commercial aspects in order to launch an app.

4. Why Shopify? and what makes Perzonalisation a perfect match for Shopify?

Shopify is very powerful in terms of sleek interface and powerful APIs. They’re also quite knowledgable about the needs and pain points of the online store owners. They’re educating the market and showing the way to a bunch of inexperienced boutique owners on Shopify.

5. Fun question If Perzonalization was an Avenger in the Shopify Apps super hero world… what will be Personalisation super power?

Waow! That’s a hard one 🙂 I assume we’d be the ‘Giant Girl’ as we have a super-scalable platform which is able to serve both enterprises and smaller companies.

6. Tell us how a shopify business can benefit from using Perzonalization ?

As we segment the online store’s visitors in real time, our personalized recommendations instantly adopt to the visitor’s current shopping behaviour. This in return translates into 25% sales boost and 20X ROI.

7. Where do you see Perzonalization developing in the future? what can we expect from you guys?

We both have enterprise and boutique clients using eCom platforms. I guess we’ll be much more active in the small and medium sized eCommerce market in the near future.

8. What is the secret of a successful eCommerce App?

I believe seamless integration and one click set-up is a must. After that user friendliness and bug-free environment comes into play.

9. Ecommerce in the next 5 years… where do you see the industry heading?

eCommerce platforms are growing and we start to see homegrown commerce transforming to hosted eCommerce. In 5 years, I believe that using eCom providers will be standard among online store owners.

and last but not least

10. What is your best marketing and/or traffic tip/strategy you can give to a brand new shopify entrepreneur out there?

We are also new in this space so I’m not sure if we have figured it out, yet 🙂 But I can say that content marketing and Adwords pay off.

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