Personalized Recommendations Review

Personalized Recommendations Review


The importance of personalization is now being well understood by Shopify managers and the paradigm is being shifted from technological product recommendation tools to a conversion optimization aware personalization service.

To find the best fit for your Shopify business, you need to look for what is the most important to you and research the vendors offering packages based on your needs. I highly recommend Personalized Recommendations software, because it is very customizable and made for retailers who truly want to create that one-to-one relationship with their digital buyers.

With Personalized Recommendations, you’ll get smart personalized recommendations in all pages including but not limited to home pages, product pages, checkout pages, even 404 pages. It can increase sales by suggesting the right products your customers may be interested in or based on their behavior and purchase history. It also tailors recommendations to each of your unique customers with highly advanced recommendation algorithms. Moreover, the pricing scales with your business. There’s no set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee, and FREE if it makes you no money! Cool eh?

personalized recommendations

You’ll love this personalized recommendations, without a doubt! It can really improve the look of your Shopify site, and increased your sales. ShopiHunt would recommend it to all!

Pricing: From $0.00 / month
FREE if app does not make any sales. Pay 4% of extra sales generated by the app.

Developer: Beeketing

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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