Pancake App

Pancake App

Product Name
Pancake – Proposals, Invoicing and Project Management – Pay Once Use

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2014
LinkedIn: NA
Twitter: @pancakeapp
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Lee Tengum

What it does:  

Pancake app is an online invoicing, project management, time tracking and proposal software for your business.

Why you need this:

If you’re looking a project management, task management, expense tracking solution that also accepts payments from a handful of different services, then this is the one for you.  

The idea behind it.

Pancake App is made for those business owners so that they’d be able to focus more on what’s important or work on the task at hand. It can track projects, assign tasks, log work hours, and create an invoice with those tasks (and hourly rates) as line items. In a nutshell, it’s a project management, time tracking, and invoicing tool that will make your lives a lot easier.

What Bob likes

Bob likes the fact that you only pay for it once and then you’re done! There’s no monthly payments snapping at your bank balance.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

The only thing Bob would like to see in this app is the ability to set up email campaigns from within the app.

Bob Mini Review

While there are many project management services available online that could work for freelancers and small business owners using SAAS, Bob stumbled on Pancake just recently. He started to play around with the Demo and noticed it had all the features he required. It’s good for project management, task management, and can be used to track expenses. It also accepts payments from Paypal which he found really nice.

Pancake is also a self-hosted app that will reside on your server once installed. It’s a system that will bring your team members together in the loop. You, your employees, and your clients. Your clients can keep track of your work’s progress and fetch their files right from your system. Did you client request for invoices? You can set up all the invoices they’ve paid directly from the client panel. Cool eh?

The time tracking works as well. Bob used to use Toggl but it lacked the project management stuff he really wanted.  It’s also easy to setup and it’s compatible with StableHost. Pancake App has been updated a couple of times and it has progressively gotten better. There were some new functionalities that were integrated which allows your clients to pay a split invoice. This feature works well, and my clients actually like it. I’ve gotten countless compliments about my billing system which re-affirmed how I felt about this cool app.

Once you got on this system, you will see your invoices getting paid faster, and way more organized. You will be able to generate presentable reports that will show you who is giving you the most business. Pancake app is a must try.  

Should  you try it?

Bob strongly recommends you try the demo first to judge its usefulness before purchasing a license.

Includes FREE Trial?  There’s a free demo.


$179 –  4 licenses with free installation and priority support credits.


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