Product Name
Olark – Lightweight live support system

Company Website: http://www.olark.com  
Year Founded: 2008
LinkedIn: Olark
Facebook: OlarkChat

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Ben Congleton
Roland Osborne
Matthew Pizzimenti
Zach Steindler

What it does:  

Olark is a tool to chat with visitors to your website using your existing instant messaging client. Visitors to your website appear as buddies on your Buddy list, their messages to you appear as IMs.

Why you need this:

Having an online chat feature on your website is a necessary business decision and every web application needs it to provide the best customer service.

The idea behind it.

To provide a good live support solution without compromising quality and for better customer service.

What Bob likes

Bob likes Olark because it has very simple integration with Zen Cart or any website. It works as advertised and you need very little training. He also likes the new feedback function and it integrates with Google Analytics very well. Bob loves being able to see what page his customers are on while they browse his site. When he’s not available, it turns into a contact us form. He also likes the ability of Olark to push a site visitor to a different page on his site. The dashboard, transcripts, reporting is great as well.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

No mobile app

Bob Mini Review

When Olark is integrated with a CRM software, using their available API, It will allow you to talk to leads on your site and log the conversation in, simply by typing.

So far so good. Bob thinks that Olark is the simplest chat website plugin on the market today. He was able to add the code and get started affordably while customizing the chat to fit his website. He even upgraded from the free version where he was able to adjust the account and prospect engagement based on his needs. Bob also added the chat functionality to his marketing pages and blogs as he’s generating leads and moving them along in the sales process.

Should  you try it?

Yes, of course, it is very easy to just try it out and see how it works for you.

Includes FREE Trial? Yes


Basic ($12.99) –  Per operator, per month. Billed annually

Premium ($14.99) – Per operator, per month. Billed annually


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