Product Name
Nova – Grow your email revenue by 300%

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2016
LinkedIn: NA
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
William Dinkel
Bryan Pirtle

What it does:  

Nova is an email analytics platform that integrates directly into your inbox, to track the rate of opens, clicks, replies, and bounces for sales pitches.

Why you need this:

It will help you write personalized emails at scale using its AI to scrape through your contact’s online identity and generates a personalized introductory paragraph that you can add to your pitches.

The idea behind it.

Nova aims to help you determine over time which approach works best with your specific set of customers, whether that’s highlighting your connections related to education history, shared hobbies, or recent public work.

What Bob likes

Bob really like the idea of Nova – helping salespeople send fewer yet better emails and get improved results.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

No free trial. It’s quite pricey too.

Bob Mini Review

Bob uses Nova for one of his clients. He finds this tool easy-to-use and effective. His workflow is to get leads via CSV, plug into Nova, then watch the tool automates personalized emails populate schedule drip campaigns. So far so good, according to him. The personalization accuracy rate has improved to 90-95% which is kind of amazing.

It also doubled the company’s reply rate of outbound sales emails in a matter of weeks. Bob also loves the Salesforce integration.

Should  you try it?  

Yes, Bob recommends it to those companies with a Gmail account. It integrates well with a little button at the top of your inbox so you can dive right into the analytics on your recent email blasts of formulaic friendly greetings.

Includes FREE Trial? No


Nova Professional – $89 /month (PURCHASE ANNUAL) or $99 /month (PURCHASE MONTHLY)

Nova Enterprise – Contact Sales


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