NotifyVisitors Review

NotifyVisitors Review


Notify Visitors for Shopify is a site notification management tool based on your website’s visitor behaviour.

Developed by Invite Referrals, it is said to be the simplest notification management and automation tool out there in the Shopify market today. It enables you to show notifications based on visitor behaviour and select from multiple targeting rules via location, traffic source, visitor duration or frequency, browser or device type, URL source, time of the day and much more.

Let’s say you need to show feature announcement or site maintenance notification, this app can do this for you. It can also show any notifications to visitors coming through specific AdWord campaigns or schedule notification during a specific time of the day and much more.


It is easy to set it up with no developer help required. There are many notification templates to choose from as well. It comes complete with analytics including impressions and clicks
and it works alongside with your e-commerce plugins.

Other salient features include user/mobile friendly, everything is automated, it’s non-blocking, and high-performance code. Overall, it’s a good service for survey and notifications. Highly recommended!

Pricing: Free – $149.00 / month

Developer: InviteReferrals

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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