Product Name
Mention – Social Media Monitoring Tool

Company Website:
Year Founded: 2012
LinkedIn: Mention
Twitter: @mention
Facebook: Mention

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Arnaud Breton

What it does:

Mention is a social media monitoring tool with an intuitively designed user interface that makes it easy for businesses to get up to speed.

Why you need this:  

Stacked up against other social analytics tools, Mention is easy to use, set up, and relatively inexpensive. It can match, and maybe even beat any genuine analytics tools, a wider selection of social network platforms, and SMB tooling arsenal.

The idea behind it.

The idea behind this app? To make media monitoring simple by allowing anyone to know what’s being said about him or her online and on social media.

What Bob likes

Bob like the design of the app as it allows him to easily to track everything he needs, whether it is a unique term, the username of a particular person on the social network, a common hashtag, or a business firm. This app also allows Bob to understand the mood behind each “alerts.” – Bob uses it to track requests for customer support, what’s trending, latest deals, and so on.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob does not like the price point for this tool as it scales quickly. For $29, you are only allowed for 3,000 mentions and only 3 searches. Also, their website is a bit buggy at times and still has a way to go before it is perfect.

Bob Mini Review

Mention is very similar to the likes of Sprout Social, Brandwatch Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, and Klear Advanced. It is a suite of social media analytics tools that comes with listening, sentiment, and influencer identification features.

It can provide analytics data for each alert in easy-to-read chart form on a scrollable page. This page shows the geographic location, sentiment, listening, and influencer identification information, as well as the volume of mentions. When I tried to setup an alert, I had the option to set how often the app would push notifications to me. The Statistics page updates in real time so, whenever I viewed the page, I got up-to-the-minute results.

The Alpine Tools’ test bed accounts may not contain huge volumes of mentions but the app found all the test Facebook posts and Twitter activities. Besides selecting a specific alert from the left pane and then clicking the Statistics icon, I found out that I could access statistics for each alert from the top of the Statistics page, select alerts, curate timeframes, and other filtering options.

Competitive analysis is easy to set up as well. When I created an alert for each competitors using their Twitter handles, Facebook pages, brand names, and websites; it gave me side-by-side comparison report that shows the number of mentions, top sources, sentiments, topics, etc.

Mention’s user interface is a definite plus given the fact that its pretty straightforward, easy-to-use and setup. No wonder, it has made it very easy and simple for me to track conversations about our brand across the web.


Should  you try it?  

Bob says yes – give it a try. There’s a free trial, so why not try to get to know the product. For sure, after the 14 days trial period, you wouldn’t want to leave.

Includes FREE Trial? Yes

Pricing: The Starter plan begins at $29/month. The Growth plan begins at $99 per month offers the needed features and functionality for the SMB market. Mention’s Enterprise plan (which begins at $799 per month) provides all the features, with more mentions and three times as many users.

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