Product Name
Matterhorn – Simple and light-weight project management tool

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2015
LinkedIn: matterhorn-io
Twitter: @matterhornapp
Facebook: matterhornapp

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Linnea Strid
Josh Crowder

What it does:  

Matterhorn is an easy-to-use, lightweight project management tool that can help you keep track of multiple people and projects at once.

Why you need this:

If you have a diverse team that you want to manage more efficiently, then Matterhorn would be a great help. It’s got checklists, boards, discussions and a planner, that you can use to keep you and your team focused on what really matters. Matterhorn is aimed at teams of less than 25, who work within a creative or service industry.

The idea behind it.

It is made for startuppers, business owners, managers who want to keep on top of everything, and know what everyone is working on, and how a project is going, all in one place.  

What Bob likes

Bug Tracking. Collaboration. File Sharing. Percent-Complete Tracking. Project Planning. Task Management. Testing / QA Management

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Budget Management. Email Integration. Gantt Charts. Idea Management. Issue Management. Milestone Tracking. Portfolio Management. Requirements Management. Resource Management. Status Tracking. Time & Expense Tracking

Bob Mini Review

As per Bob, Matterhorn looks great. It has a very slick UI, an appealing landing page, and the message is passed clearly. However, the pricing plan is too high for large teams, no Gmail sign-up option. It does not provide a demo of the product  as well – for him, having a dummy project that anyone can see with a “guest” login would be really great. If not a demo, at least a video that showcases its features and functionalities.

Of course, Bob tried Matterhorn and found it really easy to use. As a manager, he was able to track each task through the boards and plan multiple projects using its planner. Matterhorn’s boards and project pages give Bob a general overview of what’s happening on a specific task of a project as well as daily personal and team progress summaries delivered straight to his inbox.

Conclusion: The landing page and the product are very nice and stylish. However, Matterhorn does not offer any outstanding feature or something new to the table.

Should  you try it?

Take advantage of the 30-day trial period. Before signing up for $9 per user/month plan, make sure that you need all the other features and that Matterhorn has to offer.

Includes FREE Trial?  Available


Simple pricing – $9/user/month

  • Free No-Strings-Attached
  • 30 Day Trial
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tickets & Features
  • Unlimited Productivity


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