LeadFuze is an online lead generation software platform that is aimed to help growth focused teams spend more time with their qualified prospects that actually WANT to talk to them. This will save you many hours per work in identifying the right contact information of for your business. Without it, you’ll spend a large portion of your week to research and identify the right people at the right organizations to reach out. LinkedIn and LeadFuze helps make that process easy.


What you’ll like best about LeadFuze is its “ease of use”. The user interface is minimal with very little distraction. It is evident that the developers really took the time to develop this platform into full maturity. It will also help you to sell to a new market as it can allow you to quickly find targeted people while making it really easy and simple to get a sequence of emails to them. Cool eh? I just wish that there was an email only service. But other than that, I am all good. I also think the price is fair for the services that it provides.


  • Starter – $125 /user/month
  • Professional – $250 /user/month
  • Rainmaker – $375 /user/month

Developer: Leadfuze

Get the App: https://www.leadfuze.com

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