Product Name
Landy – Track and compare Your Variation’s Performance Carefully & Precisely

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2016
LinkedIn: NA
Facebook: Landyml

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Alexey Kudinkin
Dmitry Tsepelev

What it does:  

It is an analytic tool for your campaigns that automatically finds the best landing page for every visitor.

Why you need this:

Time and precision. Instead of choosing the best in your A/B testing battles or configuring complex if-else segmentation campaigns, this tool puts your campaigns on autopilot and prioritizes your visitors.

The idea behind it.

Landy aims to guide and ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign by predicting the most suitable variation of your page.

What Bob likes

Since Bob is a Product Hunter, he will get 2 additional months for free (part of their promotion).

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob has experienced loading issues at times. But, really, this is just a minor issue compared to the benefits of the tool.

Bob Mini Review

Landy gives users opportunities to do things that would only be accessible to programmers or techie guys before. Bob thinks that it’s incredibly valuable for any company where the tech resources are very limited. He used to be a fan of A/B Testings but not any more. It has become easier for him to take any data-driven decisions using Landy.

Landy collects visitors behavior, traits, even preferences while showing your Landing Pages randomly. With enough data, this tool can analyze and determine the most suitable page to every newcomer. Cool eh?

Yes. Bob recommends it to those who are into internet marketing (developers, marketers, designers). This will  guide you on what you should do for your website or application based on aesthetics, usability, conversions, and so on.

Should  you try it?  

For the cost, Bob can’t find any reason not to give it a try for personal and professional related needs.

Includes FREE Trial? Yes


Startup ($59 Per month)

  • 30 000 predictions
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Free training
  • Priority support

Growing ($149 Per month)

  • 100 000 predictions
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Free training
  • Priority support

Business ($359 Per month)

  • 300 000 predictions
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Free training
  • Priority support


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