Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews


Judge.me Product Reviews is a Shopify product review app that’s good for boosting the traffic to your website as well as SEO.

It is an embedded reviews app that allows your customers to review your products – Amazon style. It also sends review requests after each order fulfillment. Not to mention the fact that it delivers an excellent and professional experience to your customers by way of quality review invitations.

As of this writing, Judge.me is currently the only review app to allow grouped products. This is a good reason to dump whatever review app you’re using. The logic in this app is head and shoulders above anything else—review timing, who gets review emails, what products get reviewed, etc. Judge.me is very refined and functional. It loads fast, looks great, and it just works.

It is also the fastest review widget with HTML and CSS stored directly in Shopify metafields (great for SEO, sales, and conversions). It’s eay to setup and install too!  During onboarding, customer support will ask you some questions about how you want to use the app. Then, the support uses those installation preferences to do all the work for you.

The free plan also includes rich snippets and loads all reviews from HTML for better indexing by Google.

The Awesome Plan allows for replies and has customization features. The price for unlimited use of the Awesome Plan is only $15/month for unlimited use.

Pricing: Free – $15.00 / monthDeveloper: Judge.meGet the App

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