Product Name:
Intercom – Sufficient Customer Messaging Tool

Company Website:
Year Founded: 2011
LinkedIn: Intercom
Twitter: @intercom
Facebook: Intercom

Creator(s) :
Ciaran Lee
Eoghan McCabe

What it does:

Intercom is a CRM tool that allows you to track, manage, and communicate with your audience.

Why you need this:  

To deliver support to your existing customers as well as onboarding communications strategy to increase conversion of trial users. Intercom is obviously also and mainly used for communication, mostly via auto campaigns.

The idea behind it.

Intercom is essentially made to solve the most important business problem – providing World class support to customers. Thanks to its fine platform that allows you to manage customer queries and schedule automated outgoing e-mails.

What Bob likes

Bob likes the way the app makes the user experience smooth because it allows you to communicate to our customers directly as they engage with our products or services.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

There’s nothing at the moment that Bob would like to change about Intercom. Bob is still early on in using the app.  As Bob scales, he will have better feedback.

Bob Mini Review

Bob has used intercom for quite a while now, and so far, it has been such an awesome resource for him to communicate and support his clients. Usability wise, Bob found Intercom to be the least intimidating, and generally the easiest to use. The pricing schedule allowed Bob to make wise decisions based on what’s needed right now, and the future. Its integration component (with other apps and websites) is pretty straightforward. And when I did need support, they were attentive and ensured that all my questions were answered and they have met all my needs.


Should  you try it?  

Intercom is a must try for all its value. If you are  looking for a way to consolidate and store important user information without taxing your own resources, then you really need to consider this app. It will also allow you to quickly identify users you should communicate with, have real-time discussions with them, and enables you to receive numerous feedback from your users that would have otherwise been difficult to obtain using other apps.

Includes FREE Trial? No

Pricing: There are 2 pricing options for Intercom. For one product that starts from $49 per month (add more from $4 per month), and for multiple products that will set you back for $57 per month.


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