Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

The online shopping or e-commerce industry is indeed a competitive one. Unlike physical stores, customers have more options to buy, all just a click away. They can go to different online shops to compare deals, reviews, even shipping timelines, and lots of other things before they pull the trigger and buy an item.

If you have an e-commerce shop or a Shopify website, please don’t rely on luck. It’s crucial to constantly work on your online store for you to increase sales/conversion rates. But then again, before you get into testing and site optimization, there are some basics every Shopify store should have.

The first thing to bear in mind is that your store needs to be designed with your customers in mind. Sounds easy? Nope.

Your web design should be simple and has a friendly user interface. When a visitor stumbled upon your site, they should be able to immediately understand the layout and navigate the website. If that customer had a hard time navigating through the menus and interact with your site, they will click off and find a competitor that offers a more user-friendly experience.

Remember, you should make your customer’s purchasing journey shorter, easier, and more enjoyable. You can do this by rigorous experimentation and analysis. When done right, you’d also be able to fine-tune your Shopify website to push your customers closer to making a purchase. This process is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Conversion Rate Optimization is a strategy or a technique for increasing the percentage of your site’s traffic that makes a purchase or conversion.

To optimize your Shopify store for conversions, both big and small, you need to constantly test each and every aspect of your online store.

CRO is important for business owners. However, for you to successfully optimize your online store, you must have enough traffic to properly conduct a test.

Without a good amount of traffic, your results won’t provide you with any real insight into how your customers interact with your online store.

OK, let’s assume that your Shopify site has good traffic, here are some tips for you to be able to help increase conversions that you can implement today.


Product Page

Product Page

Let’s start with your product page, since it’s often neglected part of the sales funnel. Your product page is where your customers decide as to whether they’ll buy your product or just leave your store. Most Shopify owners tend to focus on improving their checkout page, they seem to forget that customers won’t get that far unless your site has a solid product page that converts.

A good product page has elements that provide vital information to potential customers – it shows social proof, highlight all the features of your product, promos, and other stuff while building trust between your visitors and your brand.

Product Images

Your product images should speak for themselves without being overshadowed. You need a good product photography to really sell your products.  Blurry or pixelated photos are one of the easiest ways to put a customer off. By including professional looking pictures alongside a seamless zoom function on your product page will give a boost when trying to improve your Shopify store conversion rates. But hey, professional photography doesn’t require you to buy expensive cameras or hire a photographer, you can just check out this DIY guide from Shopify.

Don’t Force Your Visitors To Create An Account

Creating an account on your Shopify store must be a choice, not a requirement unless you want to lose massive sales. According to research conducted by eConsultancy, over 25% of shoppers abandon their purchases because they are forced to create an account. To have a better understanding on what a big deal this is, look at the problem from a buyer’s point of view. So, they go to your website to buy your products. When they see something that they really like and add that item to the cart, they don’t want to be forced to create an account. They want instant gratification, not the in-advance commitment to your business or brand.

Free Shipping

Free shipping

Buyers look for unconditional free shipping when making a purchase online. Free shipping on orders encourages more users to purchase more products. It is said that high shipping costs were rated as the main reason why consumers were not satisfied with their online shopping experience. So, try to incorporate delivery costs into your price if you are worried about losing out.

Payment Methods

In your Shopify store, make sure that you various payment options or methods. You might want to display what payment methods you accept in the footer of your online store. There is nothing more annoying than entering all the details in a shopping cart, getting to the checkout and realizing they don’t accept your preferred mode of payment. This is a deal breaker and might leave your site a bad first impression in general, and we all know first impressions last.

Refund/Exchange Policies

It’s a good idea to display your money back guarantee or exchange policy on your product page. Show them that you stand behind your product, and you’re going the extra mile to make it risk-free for your potential customers. If you put the risk on yourselves and give your visitors more confidence, most likely they’ll trust you and in turn, buy your products.

Increase Shopify Conversions with Live Chat

Live Chat

When a potential customer has some queries about your product, you stand a much better chance to close the deal if you answer his/her questions immediately and while they are still on your website. A simple chat popup is the best way to get the conversation flowing with your potential customers. Just so you know, there are some free live chat apps out there for Shopify, like Live Chat 24/7, but be sure that there’s someone answering all the chats to get the most out of it.



FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Having a FAQ page to your Shopify website has many advantages and no real drawbacks, other than the time it takes to create.

Let’s say you have dedicated FAQ page that will help address the basic needs of your shoppers.  This will help cut down on your customer service requests, create a more balanced shopping experience, and most importantly, increase your conversion rates.

Error 404s

Inevitably, your site visitors will hit an error page on your site, and they’ll likely get frustrated and leave. Instead of just telling them to press the back button, consider a button telling them that they’ll be redirected to a particular category page, a search field. You may also opt for an automatic live chat popup that offers to help your customers with whatever he/she was trying to do.

Customer Reviews


Customer reviews are one of the biggest game changers in a Shopify store. A 2010 study conducted by The Nielsen Company confirmed that users read reviews and decide for them. Over 60 percent of online shoppers said that they consult reviews prior to purchasing consumer electronics and 40 percent of online consumers claimed that they would not even buy electronic stuff without seeking reviews about the product online first.

Imagine your potential customers being able to read user reviews without even leaving your product page? Plus, seeing that your online store business allows for reviews allows your visitors know you have nothing to hide and builds trust, the most important factor when selling online.


If your product is endorsed or certified by a reputable firm, let your visitors know about it with a badge or seal. Any certifications of your products should be included and highlighted on your product page.

Social Media

Making sure that your Shopify store is connected to all the popular social media channels. It is certainly the key to boosting conversion rates. Just make sure that your social media profiles are easy to find from the website. This builds trust within your brand. Online shoppers love social media and take every chance they can to interact with brands that they like or they are interested in.

Exit Popups

Why not show some interesting offers to your visitors when they’re about to leave you’re your Shopify website? You can offer discounts, free shipping, or any promotional stuff – make it something catchy so you’d be able to grab the attention of your visitors.

Regardless of your budget, most of the abovementioned Shopify tips can be implemented today for free on your online shop and they will definitely help increase your conversion rate. It may take time and effort, but it’s all worth it.

Some of the above tips that I mentioned above may sound like they are for more professional, advanced users but the truth is, these tips are for everyone.

I do hope that you enjoyed this article. Please share if you did and check back later for more advanced tips on how to increase Shopify conversion rate.

Let us know about some of your Shopify tips and tricks in the comments below!


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