Growth Hacking Case Study

To hack: a focus on results, not the method of achieving them. Getting it done!

We believe Growth Hacking is two things


A mindset that enables greater awareness of the opportunities (hacks) to grow and how to bake them into a business or product


A collection of tools and activities that make the hacks
repeatable and the growth sustainable

The path to growth

Step 1: Business Mapping

Step 2: Ideation & Inspiration

Step 3: Growth Hack Strategy

Step 4: Growth Hack Playbook

Step 5: Execution

Business Mapping

Create a detailed ‘growth centric’ picture of your business and the vision for it:

  • Customer segments
  • Internal systems & data
  • Marketing activities
  • Sales processes
  • Competitors
  • Job roles & skills sets
  • Differentiators
  • Resources & budgets
  • Success stories
  • Timetables

Business strategy and big hairy goals are also important to discuss so that growth targets are aligned.

Ideation &

A session to engage brains, let sparks fly and inspire hack opportunities.

A fantastic opportunity to:

  • Present the growth hacking principles to the whole team
  • Engage staff in the process and give them ownership
  • Capture ideas from all parts of the business
  • Gather insights into system or process challenges – Get instant feedback on growth hack proposals

Identifying and agreeing key performance indicators is also important at this stage.

Growth Hack Strategy

Converting the ideas and feedback into a set
of actionable plans:

  • Accessing new customer pools
  • Improving conversion rates
  • Upselling existing customers
  • Turning customers into referring evangelists
  • Automation and optimisation opportunities
  • Collaboration projects

Growth Hack Playbook

A detailed set of tools and activities that will deliver the growth hacks

  • Lead generation
  • CX: Customer Experience
  • Lead conversion
  • Referral schemes
  • Data management
  • Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media & Content
  • Analytics & Optimisation
  • Reviews & feedback loops

Your unique growth hacking plan, ready to execute


Getting growth hacking from paper to reality. Setting it up and doing it. We understand that flexibility is paramount at this stage, so we are happy to discuss:

  • Fully managed service
  • Fully managed moving to partly managed over time
  • Partly managed service
  • Regular review and ideation sessions only

We highly recommend partnering with us for execution if your team does not have growth hacking experience.