Gift Wizard Review

Gift Wizard Review

Gift Wizard

Gift Wizard is a Shopify app intended for store owners who are interested in expanding clientele and adding a gifting option.

The integration here is very simple and users have full control of the design and functionality. GiftWizard has nailed the pre-purchase gifting experience! To put it simply, your customers need this gifting solution in your store. This app allows you to scale within a natural referral environment immediately. Continually, your customers will find this feature as the main highlight in their purchase journey as their recipients find it very inspiring which leads to an increase in new customer acquisition, and of course ROI.

What we like about this is that it provides a detailed, data-driven list of the gift-receivers. You can use this data to send your latest deals and suggest customized offers, based on their gift purchases, in order to draw them back to your store. You can also give free gifts to your customers, including personally designed e-greeting cards. How cool is that?

Moreover, the team behind it continues to provide an unparalleled customer experience. They recently released version 2.0, adding new cool features like the traffic booster. Also, the customer service team is always there to take care of your personalization needs quickly and efficiently.

The concept is good, however, the free account only allows 2 free gifts per month. Also, we have received reports that this app leaves its files and Javascript codes on your Shopify website even after you remove it! Please, developers, fix this.

Pricing: From $0.00 / month

Developer: GiftWizard

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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