GetSocial.Io Review

GetSocial.Io Review

Although social media sharing isn’t as common on product pages as it is on blog sites, it still can have a purpose for Shopify websites. When your visitors share your products through their social media, it does not only give you exposure to a new audience, but they are also essentially giving your products their endorsement.

For simple social sharing buttons and analytics, Shopify users can install the GetSocial Buttons & Analytics (Free – $9.00 / month). This app encourages your customers to share an offer or your products through social media which may lead to more sales for you, and discounts for your customers.

This is a good app, as it provides responsive Social Share buttons (web + desktop + mobile). Also, it can capture emails, increase sharing & conversions, and there’s no coding required. It’s easy to install as well and can definitely give you insights into and understandings of your business that you would not have thought of or even understood before. It can also build a strong, loyal following on major social networks which can have a big impact on your sales.

It works fine in giving your site a more trustworthy image, with the social media buttons on the side, and gives it a nice and professional look.

If you have any problems with the app their support team is ready and there to help you!

Have this app installed on your Shopify stores., and you won’t regret it. ShopiHunt recommends it!

Pricing: Free – $9.00 / month
Free – 50k visits per month
Starter ($9/month) – 50k visits per month

Developer: GetSocial

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Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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