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With Gainful, you can target companies with powerful filters and generate B2B leads like never before. Here’s how it works and some of its functionalities: you can target companies by size, industry, funding, keywords and more. You may also use filters (whether they run any ad campaigns, A/B testing, etc.) to narrow down companies. It also allows you to find decision makers by setting a prioritized list of roles to look for. Gainful can also automatically find emails in less than 30 seconds. Cool eh?

Yeah, there may be lots of lead generation outsourcing services out there, but for those that want to keep it in-house and serve the workflows well, Gainful is the one. All emails go through an extra validation process so you won’t have to worry about bounces. Gainful can be used for lead generation, lead management, web analytics, and to track your prospects. What more can you ask for?

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It is also easy to setup and use. there’s a free trial for 30 days which is enough for you to identify over 100 quality leads that you can use for prospecting. Although having somewhat similar functionalities with other analytics products like Google Analytics and WebTrends, it is actually designed for a different user base.

Pricing: Pro ($99/month) | Growth ($299/month)
Developer: Gainful

Get the App: N/A

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