Fyrebox Games And Quizzes Review

Fyrebox Games And Quizzes Review

Fyrebox Games and Quizzes is an impressive program that allows you to build interactive quizzes and games to both promote your brand and capture leads from your Shopify website!

It’s simple to start and easy to use. The created games using this platform prvovide a way to gather contact information to be used as follow up as well as redirect traffic to your Shopify website that needs bolstering.

This has been developed to promote, engage and educate your customers. It is highly customizable too, making it ideal for any type of business.

The games it can create include: Multiple choice Quizzes, Scenario Quiz, Word Search Puzzle, Yes or No Quiz, Hangman Game, and much more.

To further enhance its ability to mold your business, it comes with support for 8 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Catalan, Gaelic Russian and Hebrew.

On the paid plan, visual customization comes in many forms allowing you to edit every piece of content within the game as well as full button customization in terms of color, size and position on the screen.

The basic package comes with 5 lead captures, unlimited plays, and unlimited games.

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