Product Name
Freedcamp – Get started with project management, for free

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2014
LinkedIn: NA
Twitter: @freedcamp
Facebook: NA

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Igor Kryltsov

What it does:  

Freedcamp is a project management tool that empowers people to work together.

Why you need this:

Freedcamp is a great alternative to other “camps” and an essential tool to increase your productivity. It’s a  CRM, Project Manager, and Task Management all in one.

The idea behind it.

It is developed to provide a production tool that will help you focus on what matters most in your business. It will keep you organized & tackle those long-term projects that you may have been putting off in the past.

What Bob likes

Prioritization and Sorting. Bob can track his own sprints at a glance and stay on track.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob wishes he could integrate files with Google Docs. Other than that, no complaints. It’s useful for SMB & startup businesses.

Bob Mini Review

Freedcamp is a project management tool that will help you manage your startup business well. It can also be used for planning a wedding or organizing a camping trip. It is presented nicely with a gorgeous design and amazing functionalities. What Bob likes about Freedcamp is that it is also extensible. Meaning, you can install applications from their marketplace to your project – isn’t that exceptional?

However, this tool or service has no support for Gantt charts. Also, tasks at hand can only be assigned to one employee, which sucks because there will be times that  you need to assign tasks to more people for sure. There’s no app for iOS or Google Play – this could be useful as well. But then again, who is Bob to complain? It is a free management solution that can solve the problem in the majority of cases.

Bob can only recommend users to give Freedcamp a try to see how good piece of a software it is.

Should  you try it?

Bobs says yes, try it. Start by syncing your Google Calendar. This feature is very useful. Also, check the notification settings after your initial setup to make sure you’re not getting to many emails if you add a lot of individual projects.

Includes FREE Trial?  Available. Unlimited Users. Unlimited Projects. 200MB Storage – affordable upgrades. Unlimited Forever – no trial limits


CRM – 12.99 /month


Manage contacts, campaigns, and calls for your business or otherwise.Easily stay on top of deals and leads.


Issue Tracker – 10.99 /month


Advanced tasks require a lot more than simple To-Dos. Get saved searches, unique issue IDs, bulk actions, and extra statuses to get issues resolved efficiently.


Invoices+ – 6.99 /month


Bill clients and send them beautiful estimates with our easy to use invoicing. Works great with our Time Tracking app.


Wiki – 2.99 /month


Create feature-rich documents which can easily have multiple versions with in-depth discussions. Make Wiki’s private or public with a shared URL.


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