Facebook Product Feed (By Flexify) Review

Facebook Product Feed (By Flexify) Review

Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify)

Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) is a Marketing app for your shopify platform. It allows you to sync your store with your Facebook product catalog and dynamically generate Facebook ads for all your products.

Just recently, it has been updated so it would work with the new Shopify Facebook Pixel Setting, making it now now compatible with Dynamic Ads. With Facebook Product Feed, you can seamlessly sync your Product Catalog to Facebook’s Business Manager.

ShopiHunt has tried this app, and we can say that it is outstanding. It’s brain dead simple to set-up and in just minutes, you can successfully import thousands of products into a Facebook feed for Remarketing with Dynamic Products Ads.

Yeah, we’ve tried other solutions, and this one did not require a cut and didn’t allow for manual setting of Facebook Ads because they were ‘done-for-you’ services. The Facebook Product Feed App by Flexify does everything for you! If If you want to do proper retargeting/upsell ads on Facebook, you simply need this app!

All the best,

Gabriel and Tegan

Pricing: From $0.00 / month
All core features are free and will be forever!

Developer: Flexify

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